May 1 2020

Appreciate what you have.

I believe that it is important to be appreciative of what you got. We tend to always look beyond the border for the next thing. I do that all the time. But sometime I try to remind myself of what I actually have. And when I do that I realize that I live in a dream world that many people around the world just dream of.

I’m not rich, a middle class worker from Sweden. But I got it all in terms of material possessions and social benefits and support by my country.

Still sometimes you compare yourself with other above you in the hierarchy.

April 22 2020

Can it be done?

Can I shift career at my age?

Not that I think I am old, 42 years young. But with three kids and all that
comes with it, am I brave enough to do it?

It would not be a total shift, I am going back to where I started you might say. I derailed off the track for some years, let us say an even 20 years.

It is going to be tough. Can it be done?

March 24 2019

C so wonderful

I’m sticking my head into C again. Try to learn it a bit more this time. Found myself another book, Let us C, to help me to conquer this coding software.

Learned today:

  • The structure of a C program.
  • Only 32 keywords in C. Compilers can have additional keywords, should start with __keyword to separate them from the basic ones.
  • The Code is made out of statements. Every statement has to end with a ‘;’.
  • Comments are placed in the code by adding /* Textblock */. Make a good habit by commenting your code, making it easier to understand and to follow.
  • Three different data types:
    • Integer
    • Float
    • Character
  • Variables must be declared at the beginning of the code.
  • Printf() and scanf() are functions in the studio.h library.