March 24 2019

C so wonderful

I’m sticking my head into C again. Try to learn it a bit more this time. Found myself another book, Let us C, to help me to conquer this coding software.

Learned today:

  • The structure of a C program.
  • Only 32 keywords in C. Compilers can have additional keywords, should start with __keyword to separate them from the basic ones.
  • The Code is made out of statements. Every statement has to end with a ‘;’.
  • Comments are placed in the code by adding /* Textblock */. Make a good habit by commenting your code, making it easier to understand and to follow.
  • Three different data types:
    • Integer
    • Float
    • Character
  • Variables must be declared at the beginning of the code.
  • Printf() and scanf() are functions in the studio.h library.